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Umbraco Pagespeed Optimisation Services

Expert Solutions for Umbraco Speed Optimisation

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In today's digital age, the speed of your Umbraco website plays a pivotal role in user experience and search engine rankings. Slow-loading pages can deter visitors and negatively impact your site's SEO. At Audit My Website, we understand the intricacies of Umbraco and offer tailored solutions to boost your website's performance. Dive in to discover how we can transform your site's speed.

Why Umbraco Pagespeed Optimisation Matters

Umbraco, a powerful and flexible CMS, offers a plethora of features to its users. However, as with any platform, without proper optimisation, the performance can lag. Slow-loading pages can lead to increased bounce rates, decreased user satisfaction, and a potential loss in revenue.

Key Areas of Focus for Umbraco Speed Optimisation

  1. Reduce Unused JavaScript: Over time, websites accumulate JavaScript that may no longer be in use. This redundant code can slow down your site. Our team meticulously reviews and removes unnecessary JavaScript, ensuring your website runs smoothly.

  2. Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources: Resources like CSS and JavaScript can block the rendering of a page, causing delays in page load times. We restructure and optimise these resources to ensure they don't hinder your site's performance.

  3. Properly Size Images: High-resolution images can drastically reduce page speed. We ensure that all images are optimally compressed and sized appropriately for web use, maintaining quality while improving load times.

  4. Defer Offscreen Images: Images that aren't immediately visible to users (below the fold) can be deferred, ensuring they only load when needed. This technique can significantly speed up the initial page load time.

  5. Reduce Unused CSS: Similar to JavaScript, redundant CSS can bog down your website. We streamline and optimise your site's CSS, removing any unnecessary code.

Website performance was increased by over 200% after optimising some basics upon the site!

Joe Marsden, The Info Company

How Audit My Website's Services Elevate Your Umbraco Pagespeed

  • Tailored Umbraco Expertise: Unlike generic optimisation services, we specialise in Umbraco. This means we understand the platform's nuances and can provide targeted solutions that many others may overlook.
  • Comprehensive Site Analysis: Before diving into optimisation, we conduct a thorough analysis of your website. This helps us identify bottlenecks, potential issues, and areas of improvement specific to your site's structure and content.
  • Cutting-Edge Tools and Techniques: We employ the latest tools and methodologies in the industry. From advanced image compression techniques to state-of-the-art caching solutions, we ensure your Umbraco site benefits from the best in technology.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Updates: Pagespeed optimisation isn't a one-time task. As the web evolves, so do the techniques to keep sites speedy. We can offer continuous monitoring and updates to ensure your website remains at the forefront of performance via our support and maintenance options.
  • Dedicated Support and Consultation: Our relationship doesn't end post-optimisation. We provide dedicated support and consultation, ensuring any queries or concerns you have are addressed promptly. We are on standby to assist you.
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer: For those who wish to understand the intricacies of what we do, we offer training sessions and knowledge transfer. This empowers you and your team to maintain optimal site performance even after our direct involvement.
  • Results-Driven Approach: At the end of the day, it's all about results. We pride ourselves on a results-driven approach, ensuring that the changes we implement lead to tangible improvements in load times and overall user experience.



In the competitive online landscape, every second counts. Don't let a slow-loading website be the barrier between you and your potential customers. Trust in Audit My Website's Umbraco Pagespeed Optimisation services to deliver a faster, smoother, and more efficient website experience.

By choosing Audit My Website's Umbraco Pagespeed Optimisation services, you're not just getting a service; you're investing in a partnership dedicated to the long-term performance and success of your website.

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