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Technical Website Audits

Our commitment to our clients is the key to success

Your website is probably the primary shop window for your business. As a result, you need to ensure it’s a slick, well-oiled machine not a sluggish slug of technology overbloat! Let Audit My Website perform one of our technical audits to help you streamline and ensure your website is performing as it should be.

You might think that your website is ticking along nicely but it’s not until you delve under the hood that you realise just how much more optimised and streamlined it could be.

Here at Audit My Website, our goal is to be your personal website mechanic – take advantage of our website audit and lets see how much better we can make your website.

In our website audit, we carry out a array of tests, checks and actions to see where your website is performing well and identify other areas where it needs to be improved. We then make recommendations based upon the results along with actions to undertake for improvement. We can either perform those updates for you (additional costs incurred) or you can take the report to your developers for them to rectify.

The benefits of our technical website audit include:

  • Optimised Website – Our Technical Website Audits are designed to make your website as search engine optimised as possible and thereby agreeable to the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) ever-changing algorithms.
  • Improved Performance – Every website can always be improved and our Technical website Audit will help enhance elements like site speed and conversion which is imperative in today’s increasingly impatient website user.
  • Improved Security – It’s vital nowadays that your site is secure and has a valid SSL certificate. Google now uses this as a ranking signal so it’s importance cannot be understated.
  • Technical Superiority – After a Technical Audit from Audit My Website, your website will outperform your competitors from an optimisation point of view and you won’t have any areas of the site which aren’t in line with Google’s best practices.

A website performing to the best of its ability is essential in the competitive world of business and we can make sure that yours is top of the class.

What do we get?

Our full reports are very comprehensive and can include any or all of the following depending upon what we are asked to review:
  • Performance reporting – how well is your website running, is it fast, slow, where are the bottlenecks

  • Code review – looking through the actual source code to investigate any coding issues, performance bottlenecks etc

  • SEO – how does your website look to Google, Yahoo and the other search engines? Can they actually read the site and index it properly?

  • Structure – does the structure of the site help or hinder the user when trying to find content?

  • Security – how secure is it, are you running a secure certificate, are logins protected?

  • Content – how relevant is your content to the audience?

The complimentary report gives you a high level overview of your main website landing page. The full audit looks at all key pages upon the site and has recommendations for any issues it encounters upon the site.

Our traditional roots go back to many years in the software development industry.

We’ve a long standing history of developing elegant solutions to some very technical problems. With well over 100 websites developed by our agency, we have a good understanding about what your audience expects to see from you site and how to deliver it.

Many issues nowadays are the result of incorrectly managed software or content management solutions. What we have done is to collate all the information from various aspects including Security, Performance, SEO etc and put them into one report for ease of use.